Introduction to Reproducible Publications with Quarto

R-Ladies Rome & R-Ladies Paris

Event in partnership with R-Ladies Paris. First event of 2024 carpentry-style quarto introductory workshop with lecture and demos alternating with hands-on exercises.

January 16, 2024

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January 16, 2024 speaker is Torin White certified Carpentries Instructor

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Dive into the world of Quarto, the innovative open-source publishing system developed by Posit! In this engaging workshop recording, discover how Quarto extends the capabilities of R Markdown, offering a versatile tool for crafting scientific and technical publications. Whether you’re a seasoned user of RStudio or Jupyter Notebooks, Quarto empowers you to seamlessly blend narrative text with code, creating impactful reports, academic articles, books, and web pages.

Our speaker is Dr. Torin White lead data scientist in the Research IT group at the University of Illinois Chicago in the United States.

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Explore key topics such as an introduction to Quarto documents, effective techniques for writing and styling narrative text, and integrating R code flawlessly into a publication-ready document. For an optimal experience, a basic understanding of the RStudio environment is recommended.

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